Firts course (chose one)

Softness poultry farmer, cromesquis foie gras, port sauce and pepper grissini
Charlotte snow crab in orange shredded fennel with anise and crispy leeks

Main dish (chose one)

Beef cheek confit way Wellington, roasted roots, red wine and balsamic sauce
Aumônière lobster with leeks and fennel, bouquet of bright vegetables, lobster sauce with orange

Cheese and green

Migneron cheese, from Charlevoix, fried grapes and arugula hazelnut, Grillette virgin oil

Dessert (chose one)

Log Mont-Blanc: Joconde biscuit, chestnut mousse and light meringue, butterscotch sauce
Downright decadent: dark chocolate biscuit, chocolate mousse, caramel, roasted pecans, custard
Log raspberries and mascarpone sauce with its scarlet coulis

$55 per person*
*Minimum order is set at 6 persons, additional charge for groups under 6 persons.  Taxes, drinks and service, catering equipment and freight not included.