Cocktail dinatoire

(10 cold and hot hors-d'oeuvre, 2 dinatoire dishes et 2 sweets bites) 

Cold hors-d’œuvres

New style Bloody Caesar with celeriac and steack spice biscuit

Salmon gravlax on pumpernickel with beet chips and lemon-dill cream

Goat cheese with apricots and roasted almonds

Homemade cured duck with pear poached in hibiscus and balsamic apple caramel

Brochette of coppa and bocconcini with gaspacho shooter 

Hot hors-d’œuvres

Homemade country pâté in pistachio crust with fig purée

Zucchini cup with wild mushrooms, prosciutto and hazelnuts

Mini fish and chips with tartare sauce

Corn chowder with scallop and chorizo brochette

Ricotta turnover with parmesan and spinach  

Dinatoire dishes

Poched Argentina shrimp with barley, cucumber and tomato salsa

Veal meatballs served with crispy cheese polenta 


Coconut and rum Lolly Pop

Madeleine with caramelized apples and blackcurrant


40.75$ PER PERSON*

Minimum order 12 persons; additional charge for groups under 12 persons. Taxes not included. Not included: beverages, staff and delivery charges.