Lunch box

# 1 - Tortilla with chicken and celery, penne with goat cheese, olives and lemon, panzanella and chef's dessert

# 2 - Foccaccia with grilled beef flank, lentilles with lemon and fresh herbs, red cabbage salad with raspberry vinegar and chef's dessert

# 3 - Ciabatta with pulled pork and caramelized onions, Moroccan taboulé with lemon and fresh mint, grilled vegetables and chef's dessert

# 4 - Salmon and cucumber salad, rice vermicelli with Thai dressing, green beans with almonds and chef's dessert

# 5 - Orzo salad with chorizo ​​and grilled vegetables, basil, bocconcini and tomato salad and chef's dessert

# 6 - Pannini with prosciutto, mozzarella and grilled vegetables, potato and corn salad, carrot salad with honey and raisin and chef's dessert

# 7 - Ham and cheese croissant, penne salad with green peas and arugula, cucumber and tomato salad with balsamic dressing and chef's dessert

$ 18.95 / BOX *

* Minimum order of 12 lunch boxes, surcharge for order of less than 12 boxes. Shipping costs not included. Taxes not included.