My Spontaneous Cuisine

 I can easily say that I fell into the pot of cooking from childhood. Like my grandfather baker and pastry chef father, I wanted to become a professional chef early in my life.

My arrival in Quebec in 1993 was a milestone in my career. After my debut in France, Quebec then offered me a world of culinary discoveries and most importantly, this new adventure gave me the opportunity to cook with more spontaneity than ever.

This is how a few years later, was born Cuisine Spontanée Traiteur. The name of this company is not a coincidence because my vision of the kitchen is summed up in these few words. Spontaneously create dishes that reflect a theme, an ingredient, an emotion, a personality, a special flavor is what feeds my passion for over 30 years now.

I have always been convinced that simplicity and the respect of the product allow enhance a world of flavors, textures and smells. My mentor Michel Bras also summed up in these words: "Nothing is more difficult than the simplicity and complication is just a way to hide the lack of talent. "

This passion for cooking, the respect of the product, my spontaneity and of course many years of experience as a chef is the best  I can offer to my clients. Of course, members of the Cuisine Spontanée Traiteur team also have this vision and passion for their profession, it cannot be otherwise. 

Cuisine Spontanée Traiteur is the sum of these talents at the service of your events to make them as successful as they need to be. For that, I am committed personally and ... spontaneously.


Fabrice Coutanceau
Chef and owner
Cuisine Spontanée Traiteur