Accredited member of the Association of Professional caterers Quebec
The Association of Professional caterers Quebec is a non-profit organization; its mission is to unite all professional caterers in Quebec. The ATPQ was founded from the desire of the members to contribute to the advancement and improvement of the catering profession.

Cuisine Spontanée is proud to be recognized as a company Level 3 - Performance. The level "Performance" program recognizes institutions that have achieved high performance development of waste. The "certified companies" are known to have implemented measures to reduce and reuse, recycling and recovery of waste materials covered by the policy. They must also have carried out information and awareness activities on waste management within their institution.

Member of the Restaurant Association of Quebec (ARQ)
Active for nearly 75 years, the Restaurant Association of Quebec (ARQ) represents the interests of the Quebec restaurant industry in all its forms. To date, it has nearly 4,500 corporate members operating about 6,500 food establishments in Quebec whose sales represent over 50% of the Québec revenue. Its importance in the Quebec economy is not only large, but it is also growing steadily. The ARQ, a non-profit organization, includes owners and key business leaders working in the restaurant industry, such as restaurants owners, hoteliers, caterers, product and service providers, as well as hospitality and catering schools and institutions.